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Timing & Synchronisation

Open Access’ NetSpire™ Integrated Communications System is a modular network integrated platform providing solutions over wide area fixed and wireless networks. A fundamental part of any network and a feature of the NetSpire solution is timing and synchronisation. NetSpire™ solutions reach a wide variety of industries including Public Safety and Security, Transport, Defense, Telecommunications, Fixed Infrastructure, Public Utilities etc. A majority of industries require all control/network components to be network synchronisation and the ability to promote accurate time over the distributed network. 

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Open Access formed a relationship with Spectracom as the sole official distributor of Timing & Synchronisation products and solutions to the Australian market. This relationship comes to great value to Open Access as Timing & Synchronisation is a vital component of the NetSpire™ Integrated Communications System and is in-line with the Timing & Synchronisation requirements for NetSpire solution to its customers.

Spectracom was established in the US in 1972. Spectracom became a part of the Orolia Group. For over three decades, customers have relied on Spectracom's time and frequency products to support communications equipment and networks with reliable timing and synchronisation and high throughput test and measurement. During this time, Spectracom have developed substantial technical talent and robust product platforms while earning a great reputation for customer service and support.

Spectracom designs, develops, and manufactures Legally Traceable Time® and frequency products that are used by tens of thousands of user and support a number of operators of communication networks throughout enterprises, public safety sector, telecom, space and defence and government markets.

Spectracom’s time synchronisation products are used to improve operating efficiencies, synchronise computer networks, synchronise security systems, provide accurate time-stamps and to accurately and consistently document events where “Legally Traceable Time"® is needed. 

A variety of Spectracom's products leverage global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) such as GPS signals in conjunction with other timing technologies to ensure accurate and reliable time and frequency. Spectracom also specialise in the next-generation networking standards, security and management tools, wireless networks and distribution of critical data.

Time synchronisation solutions need just the right equipment and software in just the right places. Whether the application is for accurate computer time for network security, accurate record-keeping or compliance to regulations and best practices, or to improve sophisticated time-critical algorithms, taking care of time-handling within the server or a PC is critical. Spectracom offers software for Linux and Windows that supports standard network protocols in order to provide an end-to-end solution. Spectracom offer the following synchronisation software: TimeKeeper Linux PTP/NTP Software and PresenTense Windows NTP Software.


Products & Services

  • Network Time Servers
  • GPS Time & Frequency References
  • Timing Modules
  • Synchronised Clocks and Time Displays
  • Bus-level Timing
  • PTP IEEE-1588 Products
  • Time and Frequency Distribution
  • Synchronisation Software
  • Custom Solution 



  • Auto adjust for local time, daylight savings and leap second
  • GPS Satellite Synchronising
  • Master and Slave clock configurations
  • Network Time Protocol (NTP) Support
  • Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Support
  • Various oscillator Holdover options e.g. TCXO, OCXO, Rubidium
  • Stratum 1 & 2 Time Servers
  • Traceable time logs/stamps
  • Ability to customise component configuration e.g. option cards and modules
  • Access to component accessories such as cables, antennas



GPS NTP Time Servers receive time updates from up to 12 GPS satellites and also keep accurate time via internal oscillators. System devices use the GPS NTP Time Server as a time reference to maintain accurate time via NTP across the network. Wireless Clock System Transmitters also receive time updates in this manner and pass them onto any wireless clock devices within range across multiple frequencies (ISM band hopping). Clocks act as wireless network repeaters – receiving time and rebroadcasting – resulting in a wireless mesh network for synchronising time.

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